How to use granite and ceramic pots?

Glory Tips

كيفية استخدام أواني الجرانيت والسيراميك

Before usage:

When you buy and start using Glory cookware the first time please pour a little oil into the pot and take care to paint all the base of the pot, taking into account that the stove is on medium flame, then wash the pot with warm water and taking into account the use of a soft fiber to protect the pot from scratches.


While cooking:

A stove must be used that is proportional to the base of the product in size,
the small pot must be used for it a small stove flame and the large pot needs
a larger stove that does not exceed the area of ​​the base and thus the pot is preserved from burning.

Metallic objects or similar objects should not be used.

It is recommended to use tools made of plastics.

After cooking is finished, please wash the container with water hot, soapy and soft fiber so as not to scratch pots both inside and outside

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